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PHP Binance API

I’ve been spending some time helping out the the PHP Binance API over on github – php binance.

check back in soon, i’ll be releasing a containerized PHP bot for currency trading 🙂

For now you can get started with the API



PHP Binance API

Nautilus thumbnail generator (threaded)

I found a modified a python script to do multi threaded nautilus thumbnail generation.
With a large NAS, i don’t want to spend time waiting for thumbnails to be made, while entering a folder.

Run this as a cron job once a week and have thumbnails pre-generated 🙂

The code

Eir SMS Web Text in PHP

Simple PHP script to send EIR SMS texts via Eir website

The code

Raspberry pi 3 CSI camera with motion /dev/video0

There are a number of topics on the web, about getting a modified version of motion (motion-mmcal) to work with raspberry pi v2.1 CSI camera.

A simpler method is to expose the camera interface through the standard video 4 linux kernel interface /dev/video0.

This can be achieved by simply enabling the video 4 linux kernel module and installing the standard motion.

Install motion

Enable the kernel module on boot

Load the module without reboot

Start service as normal

Raspberry pi 3 disable red and green lights

Disabling the lights on raspberry pi has been documented a number of times on the web.
If differs from model to model, however the following method just sets the brightness to zero and should work on all models.

Modify your /etc/rc.local too like the following