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PyGTK Threaded Nautilus Filebot

As a heavy user of Nautilus and Filebot, i decided to integrate the two.
Following on from my previous article on column providers for nautilus, here as the additional functionality for nautilus filebot integration.
Its a basic threaded extension; for the most basic and most used operation, “Strict file renaming”.

It solves 95% of my usage scenarios. To find out how to use the code, see the article https://fio.ie/python-column-provider-nautilus/

Github: https://github.com/dmzoneill/filebot-nautilus

FileBot Nautilus

The code

Synology Filebot Autonaming cron job

Having a synology NAS is great. However when dealing with 32tb, good file management is a must!
I have 2 primary folders, Films and Series. The set of below scripts iterate the files and use the TVDB and MovieDB to clean up the file names.
The second scripts downloads any missing subtitles for the media 🙂

File renaming

Subtitles scripts

Cron Job


FileBotPP is a application that merges 3 great applications and 2 online databases together:

  • Apps
    • FileBot – http://www.filebot.net
    • MediaInfo – https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo
    • FFmpeg – https://www.ffmpeg.org
  • Databases
    • TvDB – http://thetvdb.com
    • EzTV – http://eztv.it