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Bordgais Energy Charts

Work in progress. script available soon including gas bills.

Download CSIS Notes quickly!

This handy little script will download all your coursework in a jip

youll need php 5 and mod php_curl!

AIB Account status

PHP curl script to fetch your aib accounts (Compilments of Jon (kudos) Cremin)

updated to work with visa validation by me!

Linux users can display this infromation neetly on your desktop using such applications as http://conky.sourceforge.net



Local Mini Python

This application is a port of my C# application called localmini.
It is entended to be a desktop interface for localhostr.com and minihref.com.

This is my first program in PyGTK.
The program currently is a desktop tray application that monitors urls in your clipboard and prompts you using dbus,
issuing the option of fetching a minihref from minihref.com.

Once fetched the minihref will be placed in your clipboard for usage in IM conversations, forums boards etc.
It Also uploads files to through the right click menu context on the tray icon
This upload option i hope to add to the nautaulis context menu also.

Just like the C# appliation it will soon have extended functionality of reading urls from firefox, uploading files and
screenshots to
localhostr.com, email link functions and hotkeys, hotcorner and other functionailty.
Basic functionality is there, preferences dialog is basically a shell, awaiting link up to the underlying classes.


Tray View

Dbus Link Notification

Dbus Fetch in progress Notification

Dbus minhref recieved Notification

Dbus upload to localhostr progress

Dbus upload to localhostr complete

Preferences Gui


Any linux system with Gnome DE
PyGtk >=2.0


Download Localmini Pygtk