Nautilus thumbnail generator (threaded)

I found a modified a python script to do multi threaded nautilus thumbnail generation.
With a large NAS, i don’t want to spend time waiting for thumbnails to be made, while entering a folder.

Run this as a cron job once a week and have thumbnails pre-generated 🙂

The code

Eir SMS Web Text in PHP

Simple PHP script to send EIR SMS texts via Eir website

The code

Raspberry pi 3 CSI camera with motion /dev/video0

There are a number of topics on the web, about getting a modified version of motion (motion-mmcal) to work with raspberry pi v2.1 CSI camera.

A simpler method is to expose the camera interface through the standard video 4 linux kernel interface /dev/video0.

This can be achieved by simply enabling the video 4 linux kernel module and installing the standard motion.

Install motion

Enable the kernel module on boot

Load the module without reboot

Start service as normal

Raspberry pi 3 disable red and green lights

Disabling the lights on raspberry pi has been documented a number of times on the web.
If differs from model to model, however the following method just sets the brightness to zero and should work on all models.

Modify your /etc/rc.local too like the following

Seedbox autoupload to google drive with rclone

If you are an avid seedbox user, here is another option for automatic uploads to google drive.
There are many ways of achieving this, including a cronjob.
I like this option, as it only runs rclone when a torrent completes.

Using inotifywait to watch for file system events, we look out for primarily the ‘move’ event.
When your torrent completes, it moves the completed torrent into the completed folder.
When this event takes place, when then execute

Setup rclone and scripts

Permissions and PATH

Once you have setup the 3 scripts, make them executable


If ~/bin is not in your path, then add it and reload your shell

Edit Path

Finally you run the main script in a cronjob

Finalize and run in the background

Screen session

You can read more about inotifywait and rclone here