This application is a win32 windows xp (vista non tested) tray application.

It is entended to be a desktop interface for and

The program currently is a desktop tray application that monitors urls in your clipboard,firefox & internet explorer and prompts you using balloons,
issuing the option of fetching a minihref from

Once fetched the minihref will be placed in your clipboard for usage in IM conversations, forums boards etc.

It also uploads files and screenhosts to, with windows explorer shell context menu built in for ease of use.

Localmini has a wide range of options, screen hot corners, global shortcuts, screenhost grabbing, email functions and even supports migration through the use of xml.


Tray View

Minihref options

Localhostr Options

Fetch minihref

Receieved minihref

Windows Context Menu

Preferences Gui


Windows XP (possibly vista)


Download Localmini Win32